” One does not chose one’s subject matter , one submits to it .

- Gustave Flaubert

Anthony Sullivan
Anthony Sullivans second book

Anthony Sullivan, Lyricist and Poet from Offaly
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Hi there , and welcome to “Heartways And Highways” ! If you’re thinkin’ that sounds kinda “¬†country “¬†, well you’d be kinda right! I’m a massive country music fan and how and what i write is heavily influenced by that fact , so i wanted this site to have a name that lends it a ” country ” feel right from the get-go. I think ” Heartways And Highways ” fits the bill perfectly. It captures the spirit of life as ” country ” strives to portray it…real! That’s real in the sense that as long as life goes on , there’ll be love to be made , to be lost , and then to be found again. And also , be they related to love or otherwise , there’ll always be journey’s to begin and end , too.

So , if this is your first time down this particular highway , let me say again a big and heartfelt welcome to you! Please make yourself at home. I hope you enjoy what you find as you’re passing through , whether it’s something from my first collection ” Under Star And Under Sun ” , or from my new one , ” Pilgrim In The Heartland ” , or maybe even some stuff that’s newer still!
If you’ve been ’round this neck of the woods before , be it just yesterday or however long ago , then welcome back! Either way , thanks for showing up and stopping by. Don’t forget to take a mo to sign my guestbook before you head on your way again , just to let me know you’ve been. And hopefully , while you’re here , you’ll find something that catch’s your eye and maybe even holds your heart a little while , too : )
Take care , peace and love